Friday, January 13, 2012

A BALL FOR DAISY (Picture Book)

by Chris Raschka

Schwartz & Wade-Random House, 2011

A Book Review by

Oliver the Telepathic Puppy

A BALL FOR DAISY is a wordless picture book. It has a simple story with big feelings.

This is the story:

Daisy has a red ball. Daisy is happy. The red ball pops. Daisy is sad. Daisy gets a new blue ball. Daisy is happy again.

When Daisy is happy you can tell because of how she looks in the pictures. She is wriggly and tail-waggy. When she is sad her tail is droopy and the colors in the pictures get darker.

The saddest picture is when Daisy is laying on her popped red ball.

The happiest picture is when Daisy is taking a nap snuggled up to her new blue ball.

I like books with happy endings.


Mirka Breen said...

As a non-illustrating writer I should object to WORDLESS books. But I like them, and this one looks wooffy!

Kelly Hashway said...

This looks really cute, but I really don't like wordless books. The writer in me needs words. But congrats to the illustrator for making an adorable book of pictures.

Oliver the Telepathic Puppy said...

Mirka, You’ll like this book. Don’t stop at the sad part. Keep reading until the happy ending.

Kelly, You should like wordless picture books. Writers come up with stories. Wordless picture books have stories. Their stories just as big as stories that use words. Read A BALL FOR DAISY and you’ll see. You might decide to write a wordless picture book, too.