Monday, April 25, 2011

WHERE’S WALRUS? (Picture Book)

by Stephen Savage

Scholastic Press-Scholastic, 2011

A Book Review by Oliver the Telepathic Puppy

I’m going to tell you about me. Then I’m going to tell you about a book I like.

I’m telepathic. That means I can think thoughts to you. I can tell you something without saying words. If you think thoughts to me, I can hear them in my mind.

WHERE’S WALRUS? is a telepathic book. It doesn’t use words. It tells a story with pictures.

This is the story:

Walrus is in a zoo. It’s a boring zoo. There aren’t any visitors. All the animals are asleep. Even the zookeeper is asleep. Only Walrus is awake. Walrus has a small pool. The pool isn’t big enough for him to have much fun in. Walrus leaves the zoo. The zookeeper wakes up. The zookeeper leaves the zoo, too. He tries to find Walrus, but Walrus is a good hider.

The zookeeper should be able to find Walrus. Walrus is big. But Walrus disguises himself. He pretends to be a mermaid in a fountain. He stands in a shop window and poses with the mannequins. He helps workers lay bricks. He holds a fireman’s hose.

Walrus enters a diving contest. He does a fancy dive with flips. He wins. The watchers cheer. He’s not in disguise any more. Walrus’s swimming cap came off in the water. The zookeeper sees Walrus get a medal and get his picture taken. The zookeeper has a good idea. Now the zoo is full of visitors who come to watch Walrus do fancy dives with flips into his big, new pool.

I’m a beagle. Beagles are good smellers. If this were real life I would use my super-powered beagle nose to track Walrus. But this is a book. Walrus doesn’t smell like a walrus. He smells like paper and ink. I have to look for Walrus the same way the zookeeper does. I have to use my eyes. Even without using with my nose, it isn’t hard to find Walrus. But it’s fun. Walrus makes me laugh.

Now you know all about me and WHERE’S WALRUS? I’ll tell you one more thing. Zookeepers can’t find clever walruses, but I always find good books. And rabbits.

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