Monday, December 31, 2012

Three Minutes of Stealthiness

Normanday #57: Five green squid flip flapjacks in the rain.
One might think it’s better to conduct secret business when nobody is around, but you know a crowd provides the perfect cover. That’s why you’re walking through town during that morning hour when people are rushing to work and school. You head straight for the empty flowerpot in front of the used bookshop on Main Street and dip your hand inside, confident that even if anyone notices you doing it, they’ll be in too much of a hurry to give it much thought. You pull out a slip of paper on which is written a single word. You weren’t expecting that particular word, but you know just what it means. Write for three minutes…
…about the word, what it means, and what you’ll do now that you’ve read it.
Email what you wrote to woof at bright dot net by the end of the day January 6 (put “Norman is Stealthier Than an Invisible Man Wearing Cotton Candy Shoes” in the subject line). I’ll post as many of my favorite entries as I want next Monday. Include your first name (or, even better, use a pen name) and age (unless you’re tortoise-old). If you’re a published children’s or young adult writer, include a biography to be posted with your entry.
Here are the entries from last week when I asked you to write for three minutes…
…listing the things you wish you had done in 2012, but didn’t.

1. Meet new people.
1. Cure Bigfoot’s photography impediment.

2. Conduct more author interviews.

3. Experiment with writing poetry.

4. Play a practical joke on Norman.

5. Take Mortimer to see the Grand Canyon.

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