Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season’s Readings 2012

Hi, I’m Violet and I love Christmas. I love candy canes and decorating the tree and hanging stockings and howling carols and baking cookies and eating cookies and most of all I love presents.

I love getting presents and I love giving presents. The very best presents to give are books and I am very good at picking out very good books to give as presents. This year I picked out a special book to give to Oliver and a special book to give to Lenny.
by Stephen Krensky, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
Simon & Schuster, 1998
The special book that I picked out for Lenny is called HOW SANTA GOT HIS JOB. Lenny likes funny books so he will like this book. It is all about how Santa got the job of delivering presents all over the world every Christmas. First he had lots of other jobs and those jobs helped him learn how to be good at his Christmas job and one of those jobs was being a chimney sweep where he had to crawl inside chimneys to clean them and I bet you can see how learning to crawl inside chimneys helped Santa be good at his Christmas job. He also had jobs delivering letters and packages and working as a zookeeper where he met his reindeer and he also was a chef who ate too much and that is how Santa got his big belly. I know Lenny and he will definitely laugh at the funny picture of Santa trying out his sleigh for the first time using polar bears instead of reindeer to pull it. Polar bears are not good at pulling sleighs full of toys.
by Birdie Black, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Nosy Crow-Candlewick, 2012
The special book that I picked out for Oliver isn’t a funny book. It is a book about giving special gifts at Christmas. The special gifts aren’t books but they are still very special gifts because they are homemade gifts. The book starts with a king who buys some pretty red fabric to use for a pretty red cloak for his daughter and the leftover fabric is used by somebody else to make a pretty jacket and then there is still leftover fabric and it is used by a badger to make a hat for his dad and the leftover pieces keep getting smaller and smaller, and smaller and smaller animals use the smaller pieces of pretty red fabric to make special gifts that are smaller and smaller until the last piece of leftover fabric is made into a pretty red scarf for a mouse. All the gift-givers look so happy when they are making the special gifts and all the gift-getters look so happy when they are getting the special gifts. That is because it’s fun to give gifts and to get them.
by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
G.P. Putnam’s Sons-Penguin, 2006
Because I like to read and because I am very good at picking out very good books and because I like giving and getting presents, I picked out a book to give to myself. The book that I gave to myself isn’t about Christmas. It is about snow and I like to think about snow at Christmas so that is why I picked out this book for me. In this book there is a snow globe and there are tiny people living inside the snow globe and they like when their snow globe gets shaken up because it makes a snowstorm and snowstorms make snowy hills for sledding on. There is a big family outside the snow globe and they like snow, too, so in this book both the big people and the tiny snow globe people get to play in the snow. Do you know something? The person who made the pictures for HOW SANTA GOT HIS JOB made the pictures for THE SNOW GLOBE FAMILY and I am glad because he makes very good pictures. My favorite picture in this book is when the snow globe gets shaken up and the snow globe dad is in the bathtub and all the water goes splashing out of the bathtub. If I had a snow globe I would shake it all the time to make sure the tiny people living inside had lots of fun.
It is time for me to go now because Bigfoot is going to read our new Christmas presents to us. Good-bye.
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