Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Minutes with Your Imaginary Friend

Normanday #50: You don’t see him? He’s standing right there.

Write for three minutes about…

…your imaginary friend.

Email what you wrote to woof at bright dot net by the end of the day October 21 (put “Norman is a Sight for Sore Eyes” in the subject line). I’ll post as many of my favorite entries as I want next Monday. Include your first name (or, even better, use a pen name) and age (unless you’re tortoise-old). If you’re a published children’s or young adult writer, include a biography to be posted with your entry.

Here are the entries from last week when I asked you to write for three minutes about…


Kitty Love

Kitty finds an old toy mouse.
She takes it to her fluffy house.
Deep in folds of blanket blue,
she curls up and looks out at you.

“I see you in there,” you might say
and watch green eyes wink away.
A soft purr comes from a velvety place.
You lay a palm against her whiskered face.

She emerges from her snuggly den,
climbs into your lap, curls up, and then—
deposits the wet and scraggly toy
into your hand with evident joy.

This is her message: “Owner? Here.
I’ll share my stuff because I hold you dear.”
You in turn give her love and kissing,
“those cat-less people
don’t know what they’re missing.”

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