Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Minutes with a Random Object

Normanday #31: One cryptid’s junk is another’s writing prompt

I’m going to pull a random object out of Bigfoot’s junk drawer for you to write about. Isn’t it thrilling? I could pull anything out of this drawer. Okay, smarty pants, you’re right. I couldn’t pull an elephant out of Bigfoot’s junk drawer. Ha, ha. Are you done being funny? Okay then. This week write for three minutes about…drum roll please…

…a broken violin bow.

A broken violin bow? Seriously? Who keeps a broken violin bow in their junk drawer? Oh, well. Get to it, writers!

Email what you wrote to woof at bright dot net by the end of the day June 10 (put “Norman is a Musical Genius” in the subject line). I’ll post as many of my favorite entries as I want next Monday. Include your first name (or, even better, use a pen name) and age (unless you’re tortoise-old). If you’re a published children’s or young adult writer, include a biography to be posted with your entry.

Here’s the only entry from last week when I asked you to write for three minutes about…

…the best way to cool off on a hot summer day.


Eight ways to stay cool on a hot day:

1. Soak your feet in partially melted mint chocolate chip ice cream.

2. Read SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY while standing in front of an open refrigerator.

3. Bob for ice cubes.

4. Antagonize Mrs. Franklin while she’s watering her begonias.

5. Make friends with a peacock and convince him you’re impressed by his impersonation of a ceiling fan.

6. Visit Antarctica.

7. Chill a watermelon and wear it as a hat.

8. Pretend to be a fish stick inspector so you can hang out in the frozen food section at your local grocery store.

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